Our Approach

Ideal K&B will work closely with you at every stage of the design and renovation process. From the initial consultation to the finalization of your chosen design, your feedback is a huge part of the process and plays an important role in creating a quality finished product that you’ll love. Let’s transform your home today.

1. Consultation

Your first step will be to book a free phone consultation. Tell us about your space and what changes you’d like to see. Ask us what questions you have. We’ll be able to let you know how we can help, and if you’re ready, we can move forward with quoting your project.

2. Evaluation

We want to provide the most accurate quote for your project, so you can make your decision with clarity. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your space, listen to your ideas and needs, consider inspirational photos you may have, and take careful note of all pertinent details. This takes time, but it’s just one way we help you avoid those dreaded “surprises” that can come with home renovation. After this point you’ll have clarity on the scope and investment of your project before you commit to working with our team.

3. Design & Quote

Utilizing the information gathered in the previous step, we’ll design your project. Designs may include 3D renderings, floorplans, and color perspective drawings, so you can envision your space before we ever bring in a crew. Being mindful of your budget, our expert team can provide any assistance you need in selecting cabinetry, flooring, lighting, hardware, tile, countertops, colors, fixtures, and any other finishes. Taking the time to work with you through all of these details ensures we can get you an accurate quote for your project.

4. Review & Finalize

Before we make one change in your home, we want you to be satisfied with the design. Our team will make any necessary adjustments to the proposed design, and will present a final project design for your approval. Once you are happy with all of the details, we’ll schedule for our crew to come in and complete your project in a professional and timely manner.